As a fan of Florida sports, you’ve seen it all. If you’ve been around as long as we have you’ve seen the 1972 perfect season and the back to back Super Bowl season of 1973. You lived through the heartbreaking loss to Oakland in 1974.

You remember John Riggins blowing through the defense in 1983 and Joe Montana carving us up in 1985. You were here for the Bears game on that Monday Night in 1985 and you had your heart torn out when the Pats knocked us out in the AFC Championship Game in the last game at the Orange Bowl.

You were here when Marino set records, yet the defense could not close the deal.

You remember Schnellenberger’s Hurricanes shocking #1 Nebraska for their first national championship on New Year’s Day of 1984. You remember the pain of the Penn State game and the Alabama game and the joy of beating Oklahoma and Brian Bosworth.

You were here when Edgar renteria drove in the World Series winner in Game Seven against Jose Mesa. and you were screaming hysterically after Steve Bartman.

You remember what elation felt like when Lebron James made his announcement that he was taking his talents to South Beach.

So do we.

We were here then and we will be here for what is to come in Florida sports. When the next championship happens, we will be talking about it. When the next disappointment happens, we will be ranting about that.

You can read about the games you care about here and also tune in to our podcasts “The Rant with Miami Mike” and the “It IS all About Sports” podcast with Scott.

If you are a fan of South Florida sports, then this is your place. Of course we also welcome the fans of our rivals too.

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About Scott

I am a lifelong sports fan, particularly football and baseball. I live in Delaware but my passion has always been the Miami area teams ever since i got hooked on the Miami Dolphins as a kid.

I remember their perfect season in 1972 and I have been a fan ever since. I played sports as long as possible, finally giving it up at age 36. After that I kept active by studying martial arts. I exercise as often as I can and stay active.

I am self employed electrical contractor and own several rental properties. If I were to go to work for someone I would want it to be the Dolphins.

Some of the memorable events I have seen include the game in Philadelphia when Don Shula became the all-time leader in coaching victories and Dan Marino Being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Last season I went to a game in Miami and even had a sideline pass. That was a dream come true for me.

I am married (13 years), have two grown children and two grown step-children and now have four grandchildren. I live in a nice neighborhood with a yard and a hot tub in the back. What I want to do is give the fans of the Florida sports teams a place to visit on the internet where they can read up on the latest news, rumors and interact with their fellow sports fans.